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All data in the report below is fictional


HR reporting tool


Grant Thornton’s clients include some of the Czech Republic’s biggest distribution network and system operators, e.g. PRE distribuce or ČEZ distribuce. Below you can find Power BI reports for selected clients operating in the energetics sector. These reports have been tailored according to clients’ needs in order to reflect KPIs, investments, outages, or different energetics metrics, such as SAIDI, SAIFI, voltage control, or electricity technical losses.

The reports presented on this page have had their data anonymized and randomly changed so please be advised – the numbers within the reports do not reflect any real data of the companies. They only serve as an example.


Project Management

Grant Thornton provides services in project management for several clients including the Czech Republic’s transmission system operator or the state railway operator in the Czech Republic. The project portfolio BI helps keep track of budget, time and scope of the projects and is a simple tool that is aimed at project managers who just need to edit a simple table in excel.

The report presented here is anonymized and the projects within randomly changed so please be advised – the report does not reflect any real data of the company. It only serves as an example.



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