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Best practice: Keep measures organized in Measure Tables

After you create a measure it gets automatically placed in the table that is currently highlighted. This assignment, however, has no actual impact on the measure’s functionality since it is evaluated only based on the DAX code it contains. Placing measures in multiple tables with other actual data therefore may create confusion.

Power BI offers a handy functionality to keep things organized. Unfortunately, it is somewhat hidden so many users never think of doing it.

It is possible to create an empty table without any data and use it only for measures. This can be done by clicking on Enter Data on the main Home ribbon. You can name the table anything you want but I like starting the name with 0 since it then moves the table to the top of the list.

Now we have a table with one column that contains no data. We can put in a new measure now. We can still see the empty column in the table though.

To make things look even nicer, we right-click the column and select Hide. After that we need to reopen the .pbix file (weird I know) and we will see our new Measure Table with a fancy icon containing only measures.