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Create a measure


There are many situations where a measure can be very useful. Please find below instructions to create a new measure.

  1. Once you upload the file in Power BI Desktop, you will find all the data fields and tables available in it.

  1. Create a new field using New measure option. You can do this in two ways; by selecting New measure or right-clicking on the table’s name in which you wish to add the measure field.

  1. Start with entering the name of your new measure in the formula bar. In the supposed scenario, we are using the name Per Month.
  2. Our expression of Per Month measure is shown in the image below. We have multiplied the sum of Per Week working hours by 4 because there are 4 working weeks in the month.

  1. You can use new measure in a simple visual comparing the working hours per week and per month.

Thank you