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Filter across pages (without slicer) or visual interaction with a slicer?


does anyone know whether there exists a possibility to establish interaction of visuals on different pages? E.g. by filtering product specifics in certain table also filtering the respective product name in other visuals not limited to the ones on the active dashboard, but also on other report pages.

I tried googling, but could not find any solution. Syncronised slicer is not a convenient solution for the very large amount of products (hard to find in scroll menu between thousands of names). If there existed slicer based on fulltext "type in" field, it could work, but such one does not exist either as far as I know...or does it?

Also, I was thinking about it the other way around - if a filter applied in a visual by selection of certain visual part/area could affect slicer, it might work, but I did not find a way to establish such interaction which would work both ways