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Number Formatting on Card Visualization


Depending on the requirement it is possible to change the number format in Power BI. In the Data Modeling tab you can simply customize the format.

  • Click on the field name in the Fields
  • Go to the Modeling tab

  • You can see many formatting options there.

  1. In Data type you can choose a Number category (Decimal Number, Whole Number, Date,…)
  2. In Currency format you can choose symbol to apply the Accounting Number.
  3. To quickly apply percentage formatting click Percent Style on the Modeling tab.
  4. Display the values with a thousand separator.
  5. In Decimal places you can change the number of decimal places.


Thank you!

There are many ways of the number formatting. You just have to make your way through the easy steps on here you will get the idea that how and what things you should follow for the number formatting in the MS Word.