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Power BI themes #JSON #PBI

Since the default Power BI color palette differs from the GT colors, changing the colors manually each time can be a painful process. Therefore it's recommended to change a color theme either by selecting a different one from the options or by importing your very own .json file. It's a very simple task so don't you worry, child, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for what's about to come.

First of, let's take a look at different color palettes and where to find them. A shortcut for switching the theme is as follows: Alt + H + T. There we can select from the default power BI themes.

In this menu we can also find other options such as checking out an online theme gallery (this can also function as a place for ideas if you want to take a look at how different dashboards look like) or, more importantly, importing a theme. This is what we're here for, after all. But hol' up, my koku-jins, what file do we import and how do we create one?

The file that we need to import is a .json type of file. It's structured as few "lines of code" but there's no need to learn a new programming langugage. The structure is always as follows so it's completely okay to just copy this code and change the hex codes for colors. Please note: the code block below is clickable, for a complete copy-paste, it needs to be expanded by clicking on the block.

"name":"GT Power BI Theme",
"dataColors": [


You can either open (Notepad/Wordpad is sufficient) some old .json file if you have any lying around in a dust or just boot up the ol' notepad boi and paste down the code above. Besides the most important Data Colors, there are attributes which you can add below the code - namely it's background, foreground and tableAccent. They're pretty selfexplanatory, you add the attribute below, you wrap that into quotes for some high quality dankmemes and you add a hex code next to it, the same way you'd do with the data colors above.

These colors are in hex code, which can be converted from rgb (the format we usually have) using e.g. google.

And to get the rgb code for a color, you can just use any MS office product and choose fill/colors. Using eyedropper you find a color you like, select it, then click on fill/color again, press more colors > custom and here you can find the rgb code.

So just convert any rgb color to hex and paste it where the #XXXXXX codes are. Import that into PBI and voi'la it automatically creates a theme with different shades to choose from.

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