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Upcoming birthday - HR tool

Let’s say you are a HR manager and you want to display something as beautifully simple as birthday of employees in upcoming week. This is one way to do it.

First, you create new column inside the table with the date of employee´s birthday in current year by utilizing the column of actual birth, plus Year, Month, Day and TODAY function:

Next_birthday_celebration = DATE(YEAR(today());MONTH('gender seznam'[Datum narození]);DAY('gender seznam'[Datum narození]))


Next step is to create dummy variable with values of 1 when employee has birthday in next 7 days. Simply employ DATEDIFF function with IF and TODAY function as follows:


Birthday_dummy = IF(DATEDIFF(TODAY();'gender seznam'[Next_birthday_celebration];DAY)<8 && DATEDIFF(TODAY();'gender seznam'[Next_birthday_celebration];DAY)>0;1;0)


Final step is just about creating a tabble/matrix of your employees in the dashboard. Then in visual filter set Birthday_dummy to equal only 1. That should do the work.