Learn intermediate skills in Power BI

This course will help you navigate the different tools available through Power BI. We will learn how to create custom visualizations, share and publish reports, and more. 

Chapter 1: Advanced Visualizations

Want to learn how to create extra visualizations that will make your data presentation more appealing and professional? In Chapter 1 you will learn how to make visualizations showing profits and locations.

20 min.

Chapter 2 : Data Shaping

Want to learn how to transform data in Power BI and change data types? Chapter 2 will help you understand the techniques of transforming data, changing data types, combining data, replacing values and sorting tables, rows and columns.

30 min.

Grant Thornton


Grant Thornton CZ has years of experience with Power BI. Our firm has worked with many clients, such as PRE, Nakit, and Mondi, to implement Power BI into their workflow. The result from using this solution has been transformative, streamlining processes and unifying enterprise data into a visually immersive central hub.

Chapter 3 : Formatting Visualizations & Customizing

Want to learn how to portray your data using Power BI? Read Chapter 3 to learn more about the basics of visualizations design and become proficient in creating attractive charts and diagrams.

20 min.

Chapter 4 : Creating Reference Lines and Filters Pane

Want to learn how to create dynamic reference lines and filters pane to filter your data in visualizations? In Chapter 4 you will explore the various types of reference lines and understand the basics of filtering visualizations..

20 min.

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