Introduction to Power BI

This quick introduction to Microsoft’s Power BI will help get you started with the software in no time. Watch the video below for a preview of what Power BI can do for you. 

Why Power BI & Power BI Products

Why should you use Power BI to enhance your business? What products does Power BI offer and how can they help you manage more effectively? You will find the answers to all these questions here.

5 min.

Download & Installation of Power BI Desktop

Are you wondering how to download & install Power BI Desktop? Simply follow our guidance as we walk you through the download and setting up of your own free Power BI Desktop application.

10 min.

Grant Thornton


Grant Thornton CZ has years of experience with Power BI. Our firm has worked with many clients, such as PRE, Nakit, and Mondi, to implement Power BI into their workflow. The result from using this solution has been transformative, streamlining processes and unifying enterprise data into a visually immersive central hub.

Chapter 1 : Overview of Power BI Desktop

This chapter provides an overview of the Power BI Desktop application and its various features. You will be introduced to different view modes and master the general functioning of the application.

15 min.

Chapter 2: Loading Data

Chapter 2 will teach you how to upload different types of data, including already existing Power BI reports or Excel files. You can now start creating your first report.

15 min.

Chapter 3 : Visualizations

This chapter outlines the basics of creating and customizing your first Power BI visuals. Learn how to bring your data to life by using the Visualizations Pane and creating graphs, maps, slicers and many more.

15 min.

Chapter 4 : Finalizing & Sharing

Chapter 4 contains finishing steps you might want to implement when finished with your canvas. Learn how to export your report to PDF or share it through the Power BI Online Service. This chapter also hints at the creation of dashboards.

10 min.

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